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Our Facebook Page

OFFICERSRandi Kibbie
(253) 222-8066

Kevyn Slayton
Vice President

Lacey Adams
Secretary / Treasurer
(253) 691-5200

Also, Thank You to our past Officers Jose Roman, Vince Storm and Scott Forbes for all their hard work and perseverence.

Please help us with some of these important details to keep our community looking it's best:

Please move your garbage cans to the back after they have been picked up.

Keep your grass watered regularly.
Check here for watering guide.

Cut you grass long in summer to help retain moisture, this will help keep it green in these hot summer days and not burn the grass.

Keep your driveways clear of clutter if possible.


Annual Budget Meeting

Will be held at Kevyn Slayton's house on February 22nd at 3pm (rain or shine)

Report anyone suspicious.

If your mail was/is/ends up being stolen to report it to the police so we can get a patrol car out here and have the post office open an investigation!
Mailbox towers are close to coming, but financially we are not there yet.
Anyone that has had mailbox or mail theft please call police to get a case number and then report it to the Post Office Investigators at 877-876-2455. The more reports to both means more investigations to reduce the crime which is a federal offense!

Please don't park your vehicles on the sidewalk, they should remain clear for our community to use to keep safe off the roads! Thank you!

Helpful Home Maintenance Tips

Taking care of our homes and maintaining its quality is important to sustaining your home!
Some of the homeowners in our community suggest the following companies:

Painting All Brite Painting Spanaway
Duct Cleaning Capitol Duct Cleaning Olympia
Clean Crawl Insulation and attic. Over time the insulation compresses decreasing the amount of insulation it provides. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Community Watch ProgramAt this time, we haven't received any community volunteers for the Community Watch Program. Until we have sufficient interest in this project, it will be on hold until further notice.

Emergency Call TreeWe have only received one reply in response to the Emergency Call Tree. We need more input from the community to implement this program. In light of the recent incedents in our neighborhood, (see BP NEWS) we need to be aware that our neighborhood is not immune to random / unwanted people roaming our streets.

Park PlaygroundRecently we had new park bench and picnic table installed installed in the park playground. Our lawn service is now responsible for emptying the garbage can in the playground and will be done every-other Friday.

We have postponed adding any new playground equipment/toys until all 2015 dues are paid and the budget is reassessed. Lastly, the playground fencing will be restained in late August-early September along with mail box towers.

Please review the PARK RULES.

Children are climbing on the Park electrical boxes and fences and this causes a serious potential risk.

After being recently repaired the basketball backboard has been broken. These repairs will need to be paid from the Homeowners assessments. It is the homeowners responsibility to protect our investment in the children's park.

Please Note: Vandalizing the park by our children will result in parents repairing damages and lifetime bans from the park.

Painting Your House

First homeowners need to paint a small section of the colors they are choosing then speak with one HOA members (Lacey, Kevyn or myself) and the HOA member notified will get another member to go look at it together! Once looked at we will decide as a team! Thank you!

Thank You Very Much
for your continued support.

Individually we are homeowners,
together we are the community.