July 2014
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Please help us with some of these important details to keep our community looking it's best:

Please move your garbage cans to the back after they have been picked up.

Keep your grass watered regularly.
Check here for watering guide.

Cut you grass long in summer to help retain moisture, this will help keep it green in these hot summer days and not burn the grass.

Keep your driveways clear of clutter if possible.

Assessments Due

Community Garage Sale!

August 9th from 9:00am to 4pm
August 10th from 9:00am to 3pm
Set up in your driveways! We will put out directional signs on 208th the day before.

Welcome New Officers for 2014

Randi Kibbie - President
(253) 222-8066

Kevyn Slayton - Vice President  
(253) 495-5763

Lacy Adams - Secretary / Treasurer
(253) 691-5200

Also, Thank You to our past Officers Jose Roman, Vince Storm and Scott Forbes for all their hard work and perseverence.

Homeowners Association Assesments are now due. Please download a PDF letter here if you haven't received yours.

Please review the PARK RULES.

Children are climbing on the Park electrical boxes and fences and this causes a serious potential risk.

After being recently repaired the basketball backboard has been broken. These repairs will need to be paid from the Homeowners assessments. It is the homeowners responsibility to protect our investment in the children's park.

Please Note: Vandalizing the park by our children will result in parents repairing damages and lifetime bans from the park.

Thank You Very Much
for your continued support.

Individually we are homeowners,
together we are the community.